The Great Destash of 2010!

Hi All. In the midst of all kinds of craziness, we are moving soon and lots of my precious offspring yarn has to go. Here’s a pretty detailed list– if you’re interested in particular dyelots or anything, feel free to email (vanessa [!at] Discounts for buying multiple items!

I am currently living in Manhattan– Midtown West to be more specific– and pickups/meet-ups would be my chosen method of delivery. I can meet you anywhere in the Midtown/Downtown region. If you are very far away, I can send it, but shipping costs are not included. Have at it!!

The Great Destash of 2010!

**All skeins are full, unopened, unused, with labels, unless otherwise noted. If the skein is missing a tag, I have weighed it to ensure that it is a full skein. I am very happy to wind skeins if requested. Click any picture to enlarge**


Koigu Cashmere * 100% Cashmere * $40 for both skeins (described below)

Purple Variegated (Color #C305)– 1 complete (50g) wound skein, 1 partial (27g) wound skein without tag.

This yarn is so pretty and so rare I feel terrible selling it, but I really don’t have a use for it so someone else should have the opportunity. Koigu Cashmere is exclusive to String Yarns in NY– it sells in the store for $40 each. Very rare– the store no longer has any of this color/lot so these are the last 1.5 skeins available. Plenty for a pair of women’s gloves or mittens!


Spud & Chloe Sweater Worsted * 55% Wool, 45% Cotton * $11 each, $40 for all including remnant

Teal (Color #7507)– 4 skeins, one 40g remnant

Leftover from my Darci Cardi– love the yarn, don’t know what else to do with it.


Prism Cashmere * 100% Cashmere * $100 for everything

Ebony– 7 mini skeins. Each sk is 1 oz/47 yd.

In full skeins, 7oz of this stuff would retail for $170 (full skeins are 3.5 oz and $85). Beautiful, soft, warm yarn. There is one skein in a different colorway but you would never know it from just looking at it.

Classic Elite Lavish * 100% Cashmere * $40 each, both for $70

Pink (Color #92559)– 2 skeins

Retails at $60/skein… you know you want it!


Handmaiden 2 Ply Silk Cashmere * 55% Silk, 45% Cashmere * $20

Pink/Yellow Variegated– 1 wound skein, without label.

I don’t know what happened here. I bought this yarn at a fiber festival in Toronto and fell in love– I even wound it after convincing myself that it was my next project, without having any pattern in mind. It has just been sitting on the shelf for 2 years now and somewhere along the line I lost the tag. Ouch. It is still so beautiful, though! Top photos are from when I first bought it, bottom photo is as it is now.

J Knits Superwash Me Sock * 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon * $16

Rhinebeck (Greens and Yellows)– 1 skein

I love the J Knits sock yarn but don’t have the time to knit socks right now… ::sad::


Manos Silk Blend * 70% Merino, 30% Silk * $8

Ocean Blue (Color #3054)– 1 skein


Punta Yarns Merisock Handpainted * Merino, Nylon * $17

Green/Blue/Purple (Color #HP63)– 1 skein


Ella Rae Bamboo Silk * 70% Bamboo, 30% Silk * $5 each

Marine (Color #BS-08)– 1 skein

Chino (Color #BS-02)– 1 skein


Classic Elite Inca Print * 100% Alpaca * $7

Pink/Purple Variegated (Color #4634)– 1 skein


Wendy Peter Pan DK * 100% Acrylic * $2 each, $15 for all 9 skeins of white

White (Color #300)– 6 skeins with labels, 3 without– all full 50g, same dyelot

Variegated Blue (Color #994)– 1 skein

Medium Blue Solid (Color #998)– 1 skein


Southwest Trading Company Twize * 100% Bamboo * $5 each

Pink/Red (Color: Twed)– 9 skeins with labels, 2 wound without– all full 100g, same dyelot

Brown/Black (Color: Twown)– 1 skein

Grey/Pink (Color: Twey)– 1 skein


Berroco Comfort * 100% Acrylic * $5 each

Light Gray (Color #9729)– 1 skein

Cream (Color #9701)– 1 skein

Black (Color #9734)– 1 skein

Seafoam (Color #9714)– 1 skein

**Comfort Sock** Dark Heather (Color #1713)– 1 skein


Cascade Lana Bambu * 79% Wool, 21% Bamboo * $10

Gray (Color #06)– 1 skein


Dalegarn Stork * 100% Egyptian Cotton * $3 each

Dark Navy (Color #15)– 2 skeins with prices written on labels


Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk * 80% Alpaca, 20% Silk * $4 each

Aran Weight Black (Color #25001)– 1 skein

Aran Weight Teal (Color #25023)– 1 skein

DK Weight Gray (Color #26003)– 1 skein

Skeins are characteristically slightly messy but still unused.


Steinbach Wolle Aktiv Color 100 * 75% Wool, 25% Nylon * $10

Blue (Color #06)– 1 skein


Misti Pima Cotton & Silk * 83% Cotton, 17% Silk * $9 each

Black (Color #50)– 1 skein

Terra Cotta (Color #0163)– 1 skein, wound


Anny Blatt Folie * 53% Mohair, 34% Wool, 13% Acrylic * $12 for all including remnant

Off White (Color #3001)– 3 40g skeins (1 tagless), one 16g remnant



Grignasco Top Print * 100% Alpaca * $4 each, 10 for all 3

Denim (Color #075)– 3 complete skeins (1 tagless)



Phildar Slogan * 100% Acrylic * $2 for all of ‘em

Blue (Color #85H)– 3 complete 50g skeins, one 45g skein without label


Gedifra New Age * 100% Nylon * $3 each

Black (Color #2114)– 2 complete very messy skeins

Caron Simply Soft * 100% Acrylic * $2 each

Baby Brights Ombre (Color #9801)– 1 full 4 oz skein with label, one 3 3/4 oz skein without

**Shadows** Mardi Grey (Color #007)– 1 skein



Red Heart Super Saver * 100% Acrylic * $2

Real Teal (Color #0656)– 1 skein

(Dare I say it?…)

Lion Brand Fun Fur… don’t even ask. * 100% Polyester * $2 each

Raspberry (Color #112) * 4 skeins


(And a few randoms…)


SOLD SORRY!  Off White Wool Roving. 100 g. $5

Off White Nameless Yarn on Cone. 316g (cone obviously included in weight). Looks like a laceweight to me– plain wool (kind of scratchy). $15



Sweet Sheep Sweet Super Skein in Evergreen, leftover from my Clapotis. 90g remaining, which is slightly under half the original size but still plenty for lots of projects. No tag, sorry :(. Photos are from before and after Clapotis was knit. $10


If you have any questions or would like me to reserve something for you, email me at vanessa [!at] Thanks everyone and have a fantastic New Year!


i have a sanctuary!

yesterday i spent the day cleaning, organizing, and unpacking craft supplies. it’s been over a year and a half since all this stuff’s been out of boxes and storage bins. there’s no inspiration like color coordination!

now all i need is a REALLY comfy couch. or maybe a lovesac 🙂

catching up

it’s been too long since i last wrote here. so long, in fact, that i couldn’t get myself to post again until something totally epic was going on to make up for the time gap. more time went on, nothing really interesting happened– i moved, i knit, i yelped… and then i realized that nothing was as big as i would have wanted to resuscitate my hardly-breathing blog. instead, so much has built up in notes, pictures, and half-finished projects and i don’t have my handy archive to organize my mind. so here i go, attempting to restart it, but full well knowing that i don’t have the time to blog as much as i used to in canada.

1. hemlock ring

is almost done. i’m past the original doily pattern and into the feather and fan as written by jared flood. i have no idea how big it’ll be, but i’m just about out of yarn (11 balls of debbie bliss cashmerino chunky goes quick!). i have no clue where i’m going to block it. the photo above is from last week– i’m too lazy to get a new progress shot.

2. flame lace scarf

still workin’ on it. blah. love it, hate the repetition.

3. herringbone mitts

this one is a new project. mike and i were going to the US open on labor day and i realized i didn’t have a project that was well-suited to watching a ball go back and forth and back and forth in front of me. the hemlock was wayy too big and the flame lace i was afraid my dear turbo lace needles would be confiscated. so i grabbed two colors of sirdar snuggly (from the naked sheep summer sale) and ran a pattern search through ravelry. i really like them so far but they’re gonna be HUGE. i don’t have all my needles unpacked yet so i had to use the recommended size for the project– flashback to the first three times i cast on the endpaper mitts. anyway, this has become my transit knitting, i’m about halfway through the first mitt and done w/ the cuff on the 2nd. this will take awhile though because they’re not top priority.

4. koigu cashmere armwarmers

just cast on these today. did you even KNOW there was a koigu cashmere? mmmmmmm…. i’m worried that my entire stash will seem worthless once i begin working with cash but it’s looking sort of inevitable. i can’t resist!

5. moving

i am not moving again anytime in the near future. this time i mean it. 15 times in 5 years, and we’re back in new york. i love the neighborhood and the apartment, and the fact that our grocery store stocks more than two brands of each item (*cough dominion sucks cough*). unfortunately, one thing i don’t love is our furniture. because we have none. between flaky delivery guys, confused woodworkers, and a lack of car we have not been able to buy one new item of furniture. not like we’re not used to living out of boxes or anything. our absolute last choice was ikea, and mike is going today with my father. i hate their aesthetic and their quality, but it looks like this may be the only way to actually get a bookshelf successfully into our apartment.

6. working

it has always been my dream to own a yarn store. part of that dream has been to gain experience so that my future awesome store doesn’t go belly-up due to my never having worked at a yarn store. so when we moved back i got a job at one! its an adorable store on 82nd and lex called string and the people are all really nice. did i mention that “checking inventory”=rolling around in cashmere? gotta love it. i’m also working out three brand new winter patterns for the store. the koigu cash mitts will be one. and it’ll be free with purchase of yarn from our store (which can be bought online for any non-new yorkers). more on that later.

for now, i think that’s enough catching up. i wont be posting here as often as i used to, but i’ll at least try to update when there’s a FO or two or when i have a new pattern. happy knitting!


last– “giftable” double knit earflap hat

Pattern: double knit earflap hats
Yarn: malabrigo worsted in VAA 51 and water green 83
Needles: US Size 4, 5
Started: July 1, 2008
Finished: July 14, 2008

i modified the gauge of the original pattern, i might write up a variation or something (any yarn, any gauge type of thing)– but for right now i’m totally burnt out on hats. this one is soo nice and smooshy though.

now– lace scarf

Pattern: easy flame lace scarf by wendy bernard
Source: knit and tonic
Yarn: malabrigo lace in burgundy 41
Needles: US Size 5
Started: July 14, 2008

i bought this malabrigo lace at the WEBS tent sale, thinking it would be for the curved shawl by jane sowerby. which is completely dumb of me because that shawl, and just about everything in that whole book, takes about 1000 yards. i spent a long time looking for something that only needed one hank of malabrigo lace (swallowtail was at the top of the list but i didn’t really feel like knitting that again, plus it’s not my style). eventually the other day i found this scarf. it’s perfect! very basic, but cute, and works really well with the yarn. i’ve done 7 repeats so far, and i’m hoping to finish it by the end of the week. if i can stop petting it enough to knit

next– hemlock ring
Pattern: hemlock ring blanket by jared flood
Source: brooklyn tweed
Yarn: ???

i reallllly want to make this, but i have SO much yarn and none of it is right. i packed it all yesterday– but first i photographed it and completely organized my ravelry stash (!!!)– but nothing fits the pattern. romni is having a pretty decent sale right now, but i know anything i buy here on sale will still be cheaper when we get back to NY next month, so i think i’m going to hold off. sighhhh

i’m selling some “got a light?” earrings on my etsy. check it out of you’re interested.

beach week 2k8

aside from the initial adventure (see last post), beach week 2k8 was a huge success. mike and i spent a week in oak island, NC with his extended family. a little awkward, but my handmade wardrobe seemed to be a success (i regularly received comments but was never asked “did you make that”– a good sign, i think) and we both enjoyed our relaxing week out in the sun.

that was the view from our roof, with our umbrella directly ahead. pretty, eh?

the clapotis is about 5 ft long now, unstretched– definitely wearable, but i think i’m going to keep going til i run out of yarn. i have a lot left so it’ll probably have to wrap around my neck twice, but that’s ok. i’m loving it so far and can’t wait for the fall to actually wear it.

last week, Diana commented, “how do you knit on the beach without sand getting in EVERYTHING?”… well the answer is, i don’t really. any sand will probably shake out as you work, or drown out while it’s soaked/blocked… at least that’s what i’m pulling for.

one of the best things about being back in america was the shopping. not that there’s anything other than surf shops and bbq restaurants on oak island, but we spent one day in southport, the nearest town, and one in wilmington, about an hour away. in southport, we stumbled upon a really amazing store called angelwing needle arts. normally the term “needle arts” is pretty pretentious, but in this case i can’t think of any other way to describe it. the owner said she likes to swing between crafts (sound familiar?) so the store contains everything from beautiful yarn to designer fabric to handmade buttons to rug hooking and cross stitch supplies… plus a huge book and magazine section, including old patterns and mags for $1. mm heaven.

the malabrigo worsted was only $10/hank– and so pretty! how could i resist? this photo doesn’t really do them justice– the light one (water green 83) is much greener and the dark one is blacker (VAA 51). i don’t know what i want to do with these, but they definitely go together. and i can’t stop rubbing my face in them so maybe some sort of neckwarmer or hat.

i thought i was really getting used to life in the south (i’ve lived there before so it shouldn’t be too big of an adjustment) but then i saw this and couldn’t stop cracking up

…maybe i’m not really a southerner after all.

it’s textile day in canada

as every crafter in toronto knows, today and tomorrow are the annual textile museum yardage sale. everything from thread to dressforms, fat quarters to knitting needles– for prices even an american will find shocking. i got there about ten minutes after it opened and can’t really say i was surprised to see a wall of people, slowly moving as one, through each of the tents. an hour later, i had filled two bags. i saw what some other people were lugging away and i didn’t do half bad. right?

(the yarn was $1-2 a bag, books were $.25-$2, and needles were $1. i spent a total of about $20.)

the “complete book of knitting and crocheting” was a really cool find– it’s from 1953 according to the copyright page and contains some extraordinarily outdated and weird designs, as well as some i’m embarrassed to say i really want to knit. (click to enlarge)

i also noticed some of the bags of yarn i was buying had partially finished garments in them, but when i began to sort through i realized there was actually a completed sweater– i don’t know if i’m going to seam it though. i might just unravel– i have to figure out what size it is. it’s not my style but i’m not going to argue with a $1 sweater– some assembly required.

anyways after that (and a quick stop for pizza) i headed over to lettuce knit for a dye workshop. i brought along some bristol yarn gallery buckingham and tried handpainting for the first time. i didn’t know what to expect but i think it turned out pretty well, eh?

now what to do with 220 yds of fingering-weight? hmm…

…my weekend and the clap

i honestly had no idea what this much time felt like. so after knitting alone in my apartment for two weeks, i finally dragged myself to my first ever stitch n’ bitch at lettuce knit last wednesday and it was actually really cool. i didn’t introduce myself to a whole lot of people but it was the first time any knitters have ever seen me knit, and the lack of pointing and laughing meant my self-teaching methods aren’t completely flawed.

what did i work on? my first ever clap! with the sweet sheep superwash merino from the knitter’s frolic.

eventually it’ll be the 342850948th completed clap on ravelry, but i still love it because the yarn makes it so beautiful. i need a new scarf. sue me. i’m making a small version– really thin (maybe 8″ unblocked) and as long as i can go with the yarn i have. by the way, this yarn is FANTASTIC. if i ever see michelle around toronto i will gladly give her $40 for 1000 yds of this stuff again.

among the other ridiculousness this week was DH’s job. i’m not going to get into details but, in short, he is currently taking a bit of time off to straighten out his plan for the future. which means– long weekend! we had to get the hell out of this city and clear our heads, and when i got an email about the WEBS tent sale my heart dropped. thursday night we reserved a car and a few hotel rooms, and friday morning we were off.

as if there was any question, WEBS is by far the most fantastic yarn store ever. not just because of the size– or the selection. but the prices, holy god. not only were the ticketed full price items about 20% less than what i’m used to, but about half the regular stock was on sale, and it’s nearly impossible NOT to get that 25% off full price yarn purchases. my huge pile of yarn and notions summed up to $160– i was expecting closer to $300, but i’m not complaining :)– i even got a yarn ball winder and swift (the cheap one, not the wooden one) and could hardly even wait until we got to the hotel that night to try it.

(yeah, i know, that’s the worst looking ball of yarn any winder has ever produced, but it kept falling out of the grip of my toes.)

here’s my hoard–

-bristol yarn gallery buckingham in natural and teal. i thought i was done with this yarn after the endpaper mitts and swallowtail shawl– but its so pretty and cheap ($5.59/hank). i’ll find something to do with it.

-ella rae bamboo silk in cyan, cyan ash, stone, and white. i fell in love with this yarn at first touch. anyone who hasn’t seen this yarn in person– go to your lys! rub your face in it! not to mention the gorgeous colours and the fact that it was $5.21 a hank.

-bag of swtc twize. i very rarely buy bags of yarn because i don’t knit anything big enough to need them. but when i saw that twize was $22.50 a bag, i figured i’ll find something to do with it.

-malabrigo lace in burgundy. for the curved shawl. all i can say is yummy (ETA i’m retarded and i didn’t buy enough. blah)

on the way to portsmouth, we visited nashua and stopped in at ewe’ll love it. i didn’t really, though. maybe if i hadn’t just come from the shock and awe of WEBS. the prices were higher and, although pretty, far too high-end for my wallet (lots of hanks for $60+, eek). even the 25% off loft couldn’t tempt me.

monday we also happened to be in chester and drove by a knitter’s garden— but they were closed. *pout*. that place has some damn strange hours for a store so far off the beaten path. spinning yarns in dover was closed too. it was an off day.

we took advantage of the beautiful weather and spent an amazing day at hampton beach, where we found a nice big “welcome to new hampshire” note on our windshield.

at least i got to take some good clap photos and a nice big blotchy sunburn

one of the scariest towns i have ever been to (now twice, for that matter) is bennington, vt. as we drove in on route 9, we noticed a lot more people than we were used to seeing. but as we looked closer (it was dark), we noticed that they were all statues. of regular people. doing regular things, like sitting on benches, reading the paper, and shopping. but it was all ceramic. we shrugged it off, figured it was just a weird little town, and kept driving. on the way home, we noticed them again and took a few photos, figuring we’d look them up when we got home. somehow, though, there is no information about this online! bennington seems to be one of vermont’s largest cities and nobody even mentions that half the people there are statues. so i’m now doubting my own sanity and/or the sanity of the citizens of bennington. what is going on???

thanks to the WEBS run, i now have more future wip’s floating around in my head than ever, so i’m gonna get back to knitting.

click for more photos (slideshow)–