little birds… but not the ysolda pattern

Going to the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday made me think a lot about my own work. I haven’t been knitting a lot recently, so I haven’t been posting here much. But I have been working– I just got up the motivation to take some pictures of my latest project!

I found a set of adorable glass owl drinking glasses at an antiques shop in Pennsylvania, made a plaster mold, and started casting it in earthenware slip. I’ve made 9 or 10 so far, and I think I might start putting some up in my Etsy shop. I’m in love! And I can’t wait to find more things to make molds of!

ps. Yes, I am still working on Ysolda’s Little Birds sweater. It’s slow going… the sleeves are about halfway done. Will post photos soon!

finally something!

I haven’t really been writing lately. Mostly because I haven’t really been knitting lately. But with graduation over (finally!), I just finished my first project in six months. Seriously. SIX. It’s not anything big, but it’s something.

Pattern: none. Stitch pattern based on a sweater in Christina Probert’s 1982 pattern book, “Knitting in Vogue”
Yarn: Sublime Organic Merino Wool DK in colors 112 (chalk), 116 (soap), 189 (floss), and 114 (twig)– one skein or less of each
Needles: US Size 4, 5
Started: February 22, 2010
Finished: May 17, 2010
(ravelry link)

I came across this book and was allowed to borrow it for a very short time in February. I absolutely loved this stitch pattern, but thought the sweater it was used for was horrible. I thought about turning it into a buttoned v-neck cardigan, but decided to start with a hat for fun. It’s pretty simple, but looks cute on so I’m happy. I’m thinking of adding a big fluffy white pom pom for the winter, but we’ll see.

Overall, I like the way the hat turned out. It’ll be great for skiing or just hanging out next winter. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time even imagining cold weather right now. I’m having the same problem with my Little Birds Cardigan– the body is done and the sleeves are close, but it’s slowww going right about now.

So, a more weather appropriate project: I started a dress yesterday. The fabric is from the Portsmouth Fabric Company in Portsmouth, NH– it was too cute to pass up. Although a little more close to home, I’ve noticed this fabric brand (Echino) at Purl Soho, Brooklyn General, and the City Quilter. I love all their prints but this one particularly jumped out at me. I didn’t really have a vision when I bought it, so I decided a simple, strapless dress would make this a quick summery project that wouldn’t risk becoming too busy.

Once again, didn’t use a pattern– just winged it. I still need to sew on the pockets and add a belt. Oh, and a zipper, haha. So far I really like it, though! Hope you do too.

Happy summer everyone! Cheers!

highlights from the last 2 months

it’s been a long time. here’s what i’ve been up to recently

we took a trip to new hampshire and saw some pretty things (North Church and a house on South Mill Pond in Portsmouth, NH)

and some beautiful things (The Fiber Studio in Henniker, NH and Yummie’s Candy in Kittery, ME)

we spent christmas in Virginia and stayed a night in Amish Country, PA on the way back (post office parking lot in Quarryville, PA and downtown Lancaster, PA as seen from the roof of a parking structure)

and i knit… quite a bit (potato head hat, birds headband– an xmas present for MIL, ribbed skyline hat, and tacky xmas sweater. all links are to ravelry for more info)

more to come, including a tutorial on using kitchener stitch to seamlessly work double knitting

happy new year!

wow, it’s been a busy few weeks, but nothing excuses not posting for this long. i’ve got a lot of stuff to share and so little time! in the new year, expect more fun techniques, more FO’s, and more randomness.

to start you off, i spent my new years eve sewing an octopus print skirt

the fabric is from Peggy Anne’s in Concord, NH. here’s a closeup… isn’t it adorable??

if you’re still reading this blog, cheers! happy new year!

i wrote my first book! well, kinda

this semester, i’m taking a book binding class. so the omniscient art school question of “what is art?” is slightly augmented to “what is a book?” in this case, a book is an altoid tin. this is my second project for the class. i’ve bound quite a few books before, but nothing like this. i began with my “creature on my head” hat from last winter. i wrote out a (very quick) pattern, made a woodblock that was patterned to look like the front side stockinette stitch, hand-set a title page on the letterpress, and asked a friend to sketch me a cover. put this all together, and here’s what you get:

front cover:
front cover

back cover:
back cover

vellum sleeve:
vellum sleeve

first page:
first page

you get the idea. inside is a bunch of teeny tiny text.

i’m surprisingly pleased with the way this worked out. i wanted it to look the way you’d expect when you open up an altoid tin, so i stitched in that trifold vellum sheet. it also helps because when you pull up the edges it allows the whole book to kind of pop out of the tin so you can fully turn all the pages without bending them. i patterned the vellum by running it through an etching press on the woodblock, and then once it dried i put it through the letterpress with the title. the book was made in InDesign and pamphlet stitched with acrylic yarn and tied in a bow.

i think its cute! i’m thinking maybe if i clean up the pattern a bit (or find some test knitters) i can sell hard copies of the pattern like this instead of generic PDF’s. thoughts?

oh my god! how could you?

dean and creature

everyone, meet dean nomerus dinonurhead tynomosaurus hug the wraptor piggy back buddy II. dean nomerus for short. he was born just a week ago but has already found a love interest in his roommate. i’m not sure which one is the girl but i suppose it’s fine by me.

how could i say no to that face?

dean nomerus

he’s all caron simply soft, size 6 needles. his teeth and spikes are double knit. i wrote up a pattern as i was making him but i think it’s too complicated to actually release. he is freaking adorable though (if i do say so myself)

dean nomerus

one post before i disappear again

i have very little new knitting to post right now. except that i did get started on a pair of socks (!!) right before we left this weekend. my first pair ever, inspired by the fact that the place we’re living beginning in the fall has a very sad heating system. it’s the same building we lived in right before we left new york– actually, the same apartment. we loved it but we had a problem where the radiators are either “on” (105 degrees of dry, dry heat) or “off” (below freezing– there is no insulation). in an effort to not turn them “on” until we absolutely have to, i’m going to knit a whole bunch of house socks for DH and i.

i’m not using a pattern, but if there’s any demand i’ll write one up when they’re done

the reason i’m not knitting right now is more of a necessity for the immediate future. this weekend DH and i are leaving for a week at the beach with his entire extended family. i went to eaton centre last week in hopes of picking up a weeks worth of cute sundress-type outfits and ended up finding NOTHING. this is one of the first times in my life i’ve gone to a mall with the intent of spending a few hundred bucks and walked out with a $6 pair of shoes and no clothes. turns out here in toronto, you either buy one of six dresses available at each and every store, or you spend $400 on a basic from an independent shop, where you probably wont find anything you like anyway.

so now seemed like as good a time as any to pull the sewing machine out of storage and play around with some fabric i’ve had since i worked at a fabric store a few years ago. i also attempted to walk down queen west to buy some more but it turns supplies have the same problem as fashions here– $10 a yard for cotton prints available in five styles– no thanks!

i’ve been doing about a skirt and/or dress per day, i think i have almost enough for this week. i also don’t have a dressform so these photos are awful. i’m working on getting one– bear with me! (if you know where to get one in downtown toronto PLEASE let me know! i tried getting one in scranton, PA while we were nearby and joann’s was the only fabric store– and they only carried ONE crappy model, soo frustrating)

and this one’s not done–

they’re all really voluminous, which really doesn’t show on the hanger. to give you an idea, here’s the first one with the magic of self-timer and photoshop

cute? no? opinions would definitely be cool if you have any thoughts.

if you were wondering why i didn’t post this weekend (i know all of you were… *rollseyes*), i just wanted to give you an insight into the beautiful technological dark age that is my parent’s country house

1) computer. yep, this is it. 19.2k modem (not 14.4, not 28.8… 19.2), windows 95, and one of those printers that only fit one cartridge so you had to switch black and colour everytime you wanted to print. appropriately sprawled across the record player and collection, and a wooden speaker.

2) atari! i’m not even old enough to own one of these. as you can see, i was still teething when i inherited it, resulting in one non-working controller. so sad.

3) rotary phone! i kind of wanted to take this with me and use it for decoration. and inside the matching case is a canary blue typewriter. i forgot to get a picture. it’s not electric or anything. and i don’t think they make toner for it anymore so you have to click REALLY hard to get the letters to show up on the page.

so there you go. my life for the past week. i probably won’t get a chance to post again before we leave for the beach, so hopefully next time i post i’ll have the clap done (yay for beach knitting). happy summer, ya’ll!