FOs: sweaters galore

over the last 2 semesters, i haven’t gotten to do a whole lot of designing. in fact, other than alterations and free-form hats, it’s been a completely creativity-stifling couple of months. but hey, i guess that’s what university is for, right? anyways, even though i didn’t have time to write my own patterns, i did have a LOT of time for mindless knitting. with at least 14 hours a week of commuting and lecture classes, i realized in the first week that i needed to make something more time consuming than hats and gloves.

i’m not really a sweater knitter– i have way too much ADD–and i don’t like following other people’s patterns– but i started a whole group of sweaters for mindless knitting. half of them have been pictured here in previous weeks, but haven’t been technically blogged yet.

the first project involved finishing a sweater that was already about 3/4 done. the minimalist cardigan just needed another sleeve and some seaming. this was something i started when the fall 07 IK first came out– i knew when i saw it in the preview that it was the first sweater i wanted to knit from a pattern and cast on immediately in cheap acrylic yarn from walmart (*canadian* walmart– this ain’t even simply soft). i finished the fronts, back, and one sleeve within a month but got SO bored and never finished the second. turned out i hated the one sleeve i had made but i couldn’t bear to rip it out (that seed st is brutal). after working at a yarn store for 6 months, constantly telling people that when something wasn’t right they had to rip it, i finally got up the guts and fixed it. i think it’s ok. it softened up after being washed but still fits kind of funny. i think its the plasticy yarn too. but its ok. (ravelry project page)

next up, i decided to go with something a bit more luxurious, owls in trendsetter kashmir. it knit up really quickly– i changed the gauge and made it a cardigan with picked up button band. this sweater is SO gorgeous. in fact, it’s so nice that i can’t for the life of me find buttons that are worthy to accent it. it’s also warm. deadly warm. when i try it on for fit, i break out in a sweat. i also kind of wish i had just done it as a pullover– it doesn’t look good unbuttoned. but there’s not much i can do about it now. (ravelry project page)

most recently, i cast on (and ripped out) mrs darcy in sublime cashmere merino silk aran. i didn’t love the way it was turning out… i dont know why i bought so much of this color but i felt like it was going to look really silly as a solid cardigan. then i took a peek in vogue holiday and saw kate gagnon’s heart yoke cardigan. perfect! the color was just tacky enough that a colorwork yoke would be just the amount of cuteness it needed. i started the cardi immediately, but put it down multiple times to find yoke yarn, then to wait for it to be ordered, then to get back into the swing of sweater knitting. all together, it took two months, but i didn’t work on it for a majority of that time. i made a few alterations, mostly due to clarity issues at the yoke (i also decreased the amount of colors used– sublime just doesn’t have that many shades of gray). i finished it just in time for xmas, as you can see above– so it has been deemed my tacky xmas sweater (as an atheist, i never thought i’d have one of my own!). (ravelry project page)

and now, a few weeks ago, i tried my hand at the deadliest, most traumatic fear to the common knitter: a steeked sweater. yep, it’s ysolda’s little birds… so far, so good. although no cutting has been done thus far. i’m just about done with the sleeve ribbing so i’ve got a few more days before i lose my mind. (ravelry project page)

so there you have it, i’ve gone from not being a sweater knitter at all to someone knitting 4 sweaters in a row, and simultaneously. what’s next? socks??

…no, seriously. i cast on a pair of socks over xmas. what have i turned into?


FO: tonari no totoro mitts

wow, it’s been a looong time since i wrote a FO post.

Pattern: Norwegian Totoro Mittens by brella

Yarn: Sublime Organic Merino Wool DK in colors 112 and 118 (2 skeins of each)

Needles: US Size 2, 3

Started: May 25, 2009

Finished: July 31, 2009

this project took far longer than it should have. i cast it on with the intention of making it something to work on in japanese class, but my professor was unprecedentedly offended by the idea that someone could 1. listen and knit stockinette at the same time or 2. already have taken 5 years of japanese and just take intro for the credits. anyways, i put these on the back burner and they ended up taking about 2 months.

the pattern was a pretty easy knit– it would be a great first fair isle project, since it’s small but the results look pretty impressive. there are no weird techniques or confusing parts of the pattern. it’s all charted and self-explanatory. the only thing i changed majorly was translating the cuffs into the japanese “tonari no totoro” (the name of the movie in japanese)

i did make the choice to knit them a bit small since i always have problems with gloves fitting my small hands and wrists. i think i overdid it. the widest circumference throughout is 6″ (the pattern as written yields an 8″ circumference). i can manage to squeeze my hands in, but people keep wanting to try them on and i have to explain that i’m not mentally challenged and i actually can knit gloves that fit normal human hands.

also– i LOVED this yarn. it’s so perfect for colorwork because it begins to felt to itself immediately yet it’s soo very soft. in fact, this might be the perfect yarn for a little birds… hmm… back to the drawing board i go.

FO: late to the bandwagon clapotis


Pattern: clapotis by kate gilbert
Source: knitty fall 2004
Yarn: sweet sheep superwash merino, appx. 800 yds
Needles: US Size 4
Started: May 12, 2008
Finished: July 21, 2008clapotis

the other day, i ordered some yarn from webs for the hemlock ring blanket. but i decided that before i can start it, i have to finish something else. i don’t really know how it happened, but within two days i had made so much progress on the clap that it is now 8 feet long. let me just say, an 8 foot long scarf on size 4 needles is something i never expected to accomplish. but it actually didn’t take that long– maybe 2 months total, including many weeks when i didn’t even look at it. the yarn is from the knitters’ frolic and was absolutely even softened up when i soaked it. i can’t get the colour accurate in the photos, just take my word for it– it’s beautiful.


yay. so, um, anyway… hemlock ring blanket… will be my first blanket, which i’m pretty excited about. but i won’t be getting the yarn until mid-august when we move back to NY, so until then i have to find something to keep my needles clicking.

fo: indifferent shrug

Pattern: two tone ribbed shrug by Stefanie Japel
Source: fitted knits
Yarn: red heart super saver in teal and blue sky organic cotton in natural (colour #81)
Needles: US Size 8 and 5
Started: March 10, 2008
Finished: May 23, 2008

this was pretty much a stashbuster and a timewaster. i was feeling sort of uninspired toward the end of second semester and used some acrylic to get started on this. i got the cotton for sale at the yarn basket— and had a skein and a half leftover from the freedom hat, but took forever to do the ribbing because my boye needlemasters are utter crap and i literally could not get myself to finish until i bought some addi turbos the other day at WEBS. once i had those, it finished really quickly. the sleeves are too big– i should have made the smallest size, but there’s no way i care about this enough to rip back and fix it. i’ll just say it’s supposed to be a baggy shrug. the only real modification i made was the addition of baby cables to the ribbing.


fo: freedom hat

this little guy took about four days total, but it could’ve been done in two if i’d actually sat down and just done it. in fact, i think more time went into charting the patterns than actually knitting.

(click to enlarge)

amagi double knit hat

amagi double knit hat

Pattern: double knit earflap hat
Yarn: caron simply soft in dark country blue and blue sky organic cotton in natural (colour #81)
Needles: US Size 7 and 5
Started: April 10, 2008
Finished: April 14, 2008

it’s got a few alterations from the pattern, but mostly the same. the one major change is that i grafted the seams to make them look continuous. if you’re going to do this, make sure you try it on because grafting is NOT stretchy and if you make it too small it will suck. it looks really good though– i wish there was something similar i could do on the earflap seams because now those REALLY bother me.

other than that, all that’s different is the pattern. the amagi pattern is described in my post below, along with the chart. the porcupine is adapted from the free state project logo below. this one is done in regular double knit (reversible) so that he’s always facing foward.

porc free state project

this logo also influenced the colour choice, although the blue i used is a little darker than this. i tried to get all the libertarian propaganda i could into one garment, while still making a very subtle front. i wish i had done all this on a smaller gauge, though, because both designs look quite pixelated. next time i’ll try adapting one of these on size 3 or 4’s and i’ll write up another version of the pattern.

i suppose that’s all for now. i’d love to know what ya’ll think!

by the way, i never did think of a better name. if you do, PLEASE let me know.

FO: i love ny dk earflap hat

yes, yes. another double knit earflap hat. i’m still ironing out the pattern, but i think it might just be done. this one (as i hope you can tell) is the manhattan skyline with the iconic “i ❤ ny” hearts on the earflaps. i love it, i hope you do too. click to enlarge

i <3 ny dk earflap hat

i <3 ny dk earflap hat

it’s caron simply soft in gray and bernat satin in black. and in case you were wondering (i doubt you were), i just bought a new camera so as of march, no more silly camera-phone photos. hooray– 10.2 megapixels, here i come!

i hope you like. DH and i are leaving for new hampshire tomorrow so i’ll post yarn store findings and any road trip FO’s on monday or tuesday when we get back. happy easter ya’ll