FO: tonari no totoro mitts

wow, it’s been a looong time since i wrote a FO post.

Pattern: Norwegian Totoro Mittens by brella

Yarn: Sublime Organic Merino Wool DK in colors 112 and 118 (2 skeins of each)

Needles: US Size 2, 3

Started: May 25, 2009

Finished: July 31, 2009

this project took far longer than it should have. i cast it on with the intention of making it something to work on in japanese class, but my professor was unprecedentedly offended by the idea that someone could 1. listen and knit stockinette at the same time or 2. already have taken 5 years of japanese and just take intro for the credits. anyways, i put these on the back burner and they ended up taking about 2 months.

the pattern was a pretty easy knit– it would be a great first fair isle project, since it’s small but the results look pretty impressive. there are no weird techniques or confusing parts of the pattern. it’s all charted and self-explanatory. the only thing i changed majorly was translating the cuffs into the japanese “tonari no totoro” (the name of the movie in japanese)

i did make the choice to knit them a bit small since i always have problems with gloves fitting my small hands and wrists. i think i overdid it. the widest circumference throughout is 6″ (the pattern as written yields an 8″ circumference). i can manage to squeeze my hands in, but people keep wanting to try them on and i have to explain that i’m not mentally challenged and i actually can knit gloves that fit normal human hands.

also– i LOVED this yarn. it’s so perfect for colorwork because it begins to felt to itself immediately yet it’s soo very soft. in fact, this might be the perfect yarn for a little birds… hmm… back to the drawing board i go.


how now?

the brooklyn handspun armwarmers are done and the pattern is up. it’s also available as a ravelry download. i liked knitting these more than i thought i would, actually. i was really excited until i had the yarn in my hands and i realized i actually had to make something pretty with it and then i got all overwhelmed and frazzled. the whole thing took about four days– playing with the yarn and trying out a bunch of patterns (yeah that took a whole day), writing the pattern as i knit the first mitt (two days), and then knitting the second mitt off the pattern, editing it as i went (last day). i figure if it took four days to write up and test the pattern, it could probably be knit in two. i have a ton of yarn left so maybe i’ll knit a pair in medium and see if anyone on etsy wants them.

how now space cow armwarmers

the ones in all the sample photo are size small, by the way– but i’m pretty sure most humans will fall into the medium/large on this pattern. i still wear childrens’ gloves and watches.

i’d love to hear comments on these. it’s my first arm warmer design so i’m pretty proud– hopefully not delusional.

ps. yes, i did change the title from “space monkey” to “how now space cow”– i’m not really sure why……

EDIT: holy crap batman! what are the chances that this lolcat would show up in my google reader TODAY? it must be a sign. a sign of what? i dunno yet. but i’ll let you know.

while i’m here i may as well mention that you can now purchase my I ❤ NY and I Love Love! hat patterns at knitty city in new york. squee!