FOs: Fall Knitting 2013

After nearly a year-long knitting hiatus, I finally picked up the needles again a few weeks ago. And I’m having a hard time stopping! Here is about two weeks’ work… a few quick small projects and one that’s been a WIP for years.


Pattern: none
Yarn: malabrigo sock in 852 persia
Needles: US Size 0 and 1
Started: Dec 24, 2009
Finished: Sep 20, 2013
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I think these socks win the award for longest duration of any project I’ve ever attempted, and it wasn’t because they were a big project or because of the difficulty. I cast them on two-at-a time, finished the toe and the reinforced heel all within the first month or so. It was the tremendously boring 1×1 ribbing on size 0 needles that took nearly 4 years to complete.


I finished them up at a cafe over a cranberry apple ginger iced tea, and decided to add the picot edging as a coastal twist. As much as I like them, I don’t forsee any small-gauge socks being attempted again in the future. Although I am using the remaining yarn for a pair of armwarmers, so we’ll see how that goes.


Pattern: none, inspired by Alexandra Tinsley’s Mix No. 24
Yarn: jil eaton minnow merino in 4720 aqua
Needles: US Size 8
Started: Aug 30, 2013
Finished: Sep 10, 2013
Ravelry Link


I saw this on the designer’s blog, Dull Roar, but I can’t get myself to buy hat patterns. So I spent an evening swatching (and watching the Hunger Games) and about two weeks knitting, and I had this super adorable bonnet!


I used exactly two skeins, down to the very last inch (the dangling pom poms were completed by gathering all the remaining yarn ends, splitting the pile in half, and wrapping around my index and middle finger until I ran out. Thanks to the un-plied yarn, they still plumped up quite nicely.


Pattern: Zeebee by Schmeebot
Yarn: noro cash island in 01 (black, brown, blue, teal)
Needles: US Size 8
Started: Sept 13, 2013
Finished: Sep 18, 2013
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Oh, look! I knit from a pattern! Or at least… a detailed formula. I had this yarn sitting in my basket. I don’t know why I never learn that buying one skein of Noro is a bad idea. It’s not quite enough for a hat, not nearly enough for a scarf or shawl, and not suitable for anything like a toy or baby booties since it’s kind of scratchy and the fibers are rather weak.

But, I don’t learn… and so it was just sitting there staring at me. I decided to knit up a quick hat using a forgiving pattern that would show the variegation nicely.


At first, I loved how it was going. But around 6 rows til the very end, I ran out of yarn. Of course. I doubled up some Shiraito from my other Noro hat (below) and figured it was Noro so nobody would notice.


Then I got to the end seam, and by the second stitch into the graft, the yarn had torn. I spliced the ends back together but knew the same thing would keep happening, so I did a very obvious 3-needle bind off as a design element.


The seam doesn’t bother me. I actually think I might pull it out and re-do it in bright red or something. It feels super grunge and the perfect hat for running through leaves and sipping hot cider.


Pattern: none, inspired by Graham
Yarn: noro shiraito in 01 (teal, yellow, green, gray, black)
Needles: US Size 8
Started: Sept 13, 2013
Finished: Sep 18, 2013
Ravelry Link


This one was kind of the same deal as the hat above. I saw the yarn while in Rockland, ME at Over the Rainbow, a totally adorable LYS, and I had never seen this line of Noro before so I grabbed one. Why? Why do I do this? I cast on a plain stockinette hat immediately and had almost completed it by that night. Unfortunately, I tried it on and it was enormous. So I tore it out and started again. And again, enormous. The “ruler” app on the iPhone is really making me look like an idiot right about now. I finally got my gauge and cast on a more interesting hat. It was going to be Graham but, being Noro, I wanted to start top-down for fear of running out of yarn. And somewhere in between counting stitches and incorporating the pattern, I totally skewed it into a broken seed stitch (instead of a broken rib) and just left it. It’s kind of cute, whatever.


I actually had a bit of extra so I knit a tiny bow. I also had just enough left to complete the Zeebee hat (above), counted my blessings, and called it a day.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Currently on the needles is a pair of arm warmers with the leftovers from the socks, and an oversized Lispenard for the winter. What have you been working on?

❤ v

finally something!

I haven’t really been writing lately. Mostly because I haven’t really been knitting lately. But with graduation over (finally!), I just finished my first project in six months. Seriously. SIX. It’s not anything big, but it’s something.

Pattern: none. Stitch pattern based on a sweater in Christina Probert’s 1982 pattern book, “Knitting in Vogue”
Yarn: Sublime Organic Merino Wool DK in colors 112 (chalk), 116 (soap), 189 (floss), and 114 (twig)– one skein or less of each
Needles: US Size 4, 5
Started: February 22, 2010
Finished: May 17, 2010
(ravelry link)

I came across this book and was allowed to borrow it for a very short time in February. I absolutely loved this stitch pattern, but thought the sweater it was used for was horrible. I thought about turning it into a buttoned v-neck cardigan, but decided to start with a hat for fun. It’s pretty simple, but looks cute on so I’m happy. I’m thinking of adding a big fluffy white pom pom for the winter, but we’ll see.

Overall, I like the way the hat turned out. It’ll be great for skiing or just hanging out next winter. Unfortunately, I’m having a hard time even imagining cold weather right now. I’m having the same problem with my Little Birds Cardigan– the body is done and the sleeves are close, but it’s slowww going right about now.

So, a more weather appropriate project: I started a dress yesterday. The fabric is from the Portsmouth Fabric Company in Portsmouth, NH– it was too cute to pass up. Although a little more close to home, I’ve noticed this fabric brand (Echino) at Purl Soho, Brooklyn General, and the City Quilter. I love all their prints but this one particularly jumped out at me. I didn’t really have a vision when I bought it, so I decided a simple, strapless dress would make this a quick summery project that wouldn’t risk becoming too busy.

Once again, didn’t use a pattern– just winged it. I still need to sew on the pockets and add a belt. Oh, and a zipper, haha. So far I really like it, though! Hope you do too.

Happy summer everyone! Cheers!

oh my god! how could you?

dean and creature

everyone, meet dean nomerus dinonurhead tynomosaurus hug the wraptor piggy back buddy II. dean nomerus for short. he was born just a week ago but has already found a love interest in his roommate. i’m not sure which one is the girl but i suppose it’s fine by me.

how could i say no to that face?

dean nomerus

he’s all caron simply soft, size 6 needles. his teeth and spikes are double knit. i wrote up a pattern as i was making him but i think it’s too complicated to actually release. he is freaking adorable though (if i do say so myself)

dean nomerus


last– “giftable” double knit earflap hat

Pattern: double knit earflap hats
Yarn: malabrigo worsted in VAA 51 and water green 83
Needles: US Size 4, 5
Started: July 1, 2008
Finished: July 14, 2008

i modified the gauge of the original pattern, i might write up a variation or something (any yarn, any gauge type of thing)– but for right now i’m totally burnt out on hats. this one is soo nice and smooshy though.

now– lace scarf

Pattern: easy flame lace scarf by wendy bernard
Source: knit and tonic
Yarn: malabrigo lace in burgundy 41
Needles: US Size 5
Started: July 14, 2008

i bought this malabrigo lace at the WEBS tent sale, thinking it would be for the curved shawl by jane sowerby. which is completely dumb of me because that shawl, and just about everything in that whole book, takes about 1000 yards. i spent a long time looking for something that only needed one hank of malabrigo lace (swallowtail was at the top of the list but i didn’t really feel like knitting that again, plus it’s not my style). eventually the other day i found this scarf. it’s perfect! very basic, but cute, and works really well with the yarn. i’ve done 7 repeats so far, and i’m hoping to finish it by the end of the week. if i can stop petting it enough to knit

next– hemlock ring
Pattern: hemlock ring blanket by jared flood
Source: brooklyn tweed
Yarn: ???

i reallllly want to make this, but i have SO much yarn and none of it is right. i packed it all yesterday– but first i photographed it and completely organized my ravelry stash (!!!)– but nothing fits the pattern. romni is having a pretty decent sale right now, but i know anything i buy here on sale will still be cheaper when we get back to NY next month, so i think i’m going to hold off. sighhhh

i’m selling some “got a light?” earrings on my etsy. check it out of you’re interested.

creature on my head

have you ever been walking down the street in mid-winter and thought, “it’s so f’in cold i just wish a bleeding bear would strangle me while gnawing on my skull”? lucky for me, my new hat can do so on the dreary walk to the subway. and really confuse the hell out of some suits at union station.

i’ve been a big fan of andrew bell’s creatures in my head for a few years now. if you don’t know it, subscribe to the rss feed and i swear you’ll be hooked within the month. last week i was scrolling through the archives and, slightly insane knitter that i am, began seeing some of his creatures as hats. genius. the first one i wanted to tackle was “Busy Bear” from this past february. i sketched it out and knew i actually had to knit it when i showed it to DH and he nearly peed.

less than a week later, i’m squirming in anticipation of revealing this little guy to the world.

the inspiration:

the hat:

busy bear creatures in my head knit hat

busy bear creatures in my head knit hat

busy bear creatures in my head knit hat

his paws will have bits of white velcro as soon as i buy some (that involves getting out of my pajamas, doesn’t it?). the body hangs down to about my lower shoulders and is stuffed with a bit of polyfill. i was going to stitch the whole body shut but then i realized… he has a little secret pocket! just what every dying bear needs

the eyes are backstitched and chain stitched, and the nose was knit seperately and seamed on. the little tooth is crocheted.

it’s all in caron simply soft, by the way– on size 6 needles.

isn’t his butt cute??

fo: freedom hat

this little guy took about four days total, but it could’ve been done in two if i’d actually sat down and just done it. in fact, i think more time went into charting the patterns than actually knitting.

(click to enlarge)

amagi double knit hat

amagi double knit hat

Pattern: double knit earflap hat
Yarn: caron simply soft in dark country blue and blue sky organic cotton in natural (colour #81)
Needles: US Size 7 and 5
Started: April 10, 2008
Finished: April 14, 2008

it’s got a few alterations from the pattern, but mostly the same. the one major change is that i grafted the seams to make them look continuous. if you’re going to do this, make sure you try it on because grafting is NOT stretchy and if you make it too small it will suck. it looks really good though– i wish there was something similar i could do on the earflap seams because now those REALLY bother me.

other than that, all that’s different is the pattern. the amagi pattern is described in my post below, along with the chart. the porcupine is adapted from the free state project logo below. this one is done in regular double knit (reversible) so that he’s always facing foward.

porc free state project

this logo also influenced the colour choice, although the blue i used is a little darker than this. i tried to get all the libertarian propaganda i could into one garment, while still making a very subtle front. i wish i had done all this on a smaller gauge, though, because both designs look quite pixelated. next time i’ll try adapting one of these on size 3 or 4’s and i’ll write up another version of the pattern.

i suppose that’s all for now. i’d love to know what ya’ll think!

by the way, i never did think of a better name. if you do, PLEASE let me know.

FO: oh canada! hat

yay! i love it. and DH does too– which is a ton more important. this is the second version of my toronto cityscape double knit beanie and it turned out only about a billion and a half times better (no variegated this time!)… it’s caron simply soft (autumn red) and red heart soft touch (gray). i altered the chart to add in some waterfront construction and made bigger “male-r” earflaps. i also switched from i-cord ties to crochet, because DH thinks i-cords are too bulky. now i think i have to knit ANOTHER one for myself… hehe… (do i even have to write that the images are clickable??)


i’d love to hear some opinions.


in other news you could not imagine the sludge and freezing rain that the DH and i walked through today to pick up this $5 toaster oven– expect some melted goodies later this week.


happy family day ya’ll! (or president’s day for those in the states)– enjoy your respective fake holidays


ETA: holy crap– i only have one WIP! i’m speechless… well, not really. but maybe now i’ll actually finish the sleeves of the min cardi and make it NO WIPs! (psh, yeah right.)