catching up

it’s been too long since i last wrote here. so long, in fact, that i couldn’t get myself to post again until something totally epic was going on to make up for the time gap. more time went on, nothing really interesting happened– i moved, i knit, i yelped… and then i realized that nothing was as big as i would have wanted to resuscitate my hardly-breathing blog. instead, so much has built up in notes, pictures, and half-finished projects and i don’t have my handy archive to organize my mind. so here i go, attempting to restart it, but full well knowing that i don’t have the time to blog as much as i used to in canada.

1. hemlock ring

is almost done. i’m past the original doily pattern and into the feather and fan as written by jared flood. i have no idea how big it’ll be, but i’m just about out of yarn (11 balls of debbie bliss cashmerino chunky goes quick!). i have no clue where i’m going to block it. the photo above is from last week– i’m too lazy to get a new progress shot.

2. flame lace scarf

still workin’ on it. blah. love it, hate the repetition.

3. herringbone mitts

this one is a new project. mike and i were going to the US open on labor day and i realized i didn’t have a project that was well-suited to watching a ball go back and forth and back and forth in front of me. the hemlock was wayy too big and the flame lace i was afraid my dear turbo lace needles would be confiscated. so i grabbed two colors of sirdar snuggly (from the naked sheep summer sale) and ran a pattern search through ravelry. i really like them so far but they’re gonna be HUGE. i don’t have all my needles unpacked yet so i had to use the recommended size for the project– flashback to the first three times i cast on the endpaper mitts. anyway, this has become my transit knitting, i’m about halfway through the first mitt and done w/ the cuff on the 2nd. this will take awhile though because they’re not top priority.

4. koigu cashmere armwarmers

just cast on these today. did you even KNOW there was a koigu cashmere? mmmmmmm…. i’m worried that my entire stash will seem worthless once i begin working with cash but it’s looking sort of inevitable. i can’t resist!

5. moving

i am not moving again anytime in the near future. this time i mean it. 15 times in 5 years, and we’re back in new york. i love the neighborhood and the apartment, and the fact that our grocery store stocks more than two brands of each item (*cough dominion sucks cough*). unfortunately, one thing i don’t love is our furniture. because we have none. between flaky delivery guys, confused woodworkers, and a lack of car we have not been able to buy one new item of furniture. not like we’re not used to living out of boxes or anything. our absolute last choice was ikea, and mike is going today with my father. i hate their aesthetic and their quality, but it looks like this may be the only way to actually get a bookshelf successfully into our apartment.

6. working

it has always been my dream to own a yarn store. part of that dream has been to gain experience so that my future awesome store doesn’t go belly-up due to my never having worked at a yarn store. so when we moved back i got a job at one! its an adorable store on 82nd and lex called string and the people are all really nice. did i mention that “checking inventory”=rolling around in cashmere? gotta love it. i’m also working out three brand new winter patterns for the store. the koigu cash mitts will be one. and it’ll be free with purchase of yarn from our store (which can be bought online for any non-new yorkers). more on that later.

for now, i think that’s enough catching up. i wont be posting here as often as i used to, but i’ll at least try to update when there’s a FO or two or when i have a new pattern. happy knitting!


oh my god! how could you?

dean and creature

everyone, meet dean nomerus dinonurhead tynomosaurus hug the wraptor piggy back buddy II. dean nomerus for short. he was born just a week ago but has already found a love interest in his roommate. i’m not sure which one is the girl but i suppose it’s fine by me.

how could i say no to that face?

dean nomerus

he’s all caron simply soft, size 6 needles. his teeth and spikes are double knit. i wrote up a pattern as i was making him but i think it’s too complicated to actually release. he is freaking adorable though (if i do say so myself)

dean nomerus

FO: late to the bandwagon clapotis


Pattern: clapotis by kate gilbert
Source: knitty fall 2004
Yarn: sweet sheep superwash merino, appx. 800 yds
Needles: US Size 4
Started: May 12, 2008
Finished: July 21, 2008clapotis

the other day, i ordered some yarn from webs for the hemlock ring blanket. but i decided that before i can start it, i have to finish something else. i don’t really know how it happened, but within two days i had made so much progress on the clap that it is now 8 feet long. let me just say, an 8 foot long scarf on size 4 needles is something i never expected to accomplish. but it actually didn’t take that long– maybe 2 months total, including many weeks when i didn’t even look at it. the yarn is from the knitters’ frolic and was absolutely even softened up when i soaked it. i can’t get the colour accurate in the photos, just take my word for it– it’s beautiful.


yay. so, um, anyway… hemlock ring blanket… will be my first blanket, which i’m pretty excited about. but i won’t be getting the yarn until mid-august when we move back to NY, so until then i have to find something to keep my needles clicking.


last– “giftable” double knit earflap hat

Pattern: double knit earflap hats
Yarn: malabrigo worsted in VAA 51 and water green 83
Needles: US Size 4, 5
Started: July 1, 2008
Finished: July 14, 2008

i modified the gauge of the original pattern, i might write up a variation or something (any yarn, any gauge type of thing)– but for right now i’m totally burnt out on hats. this one is soo nice and smooshy though.

now– lace scarf

Pattern: easy flame lace scarf by wendy bernard
Source: knit and tonic
Yarn: malabrigo lace in burgundy 41
Needles: US Size 5
Started: July 14, 2008

i bought this malabrigo lace at the WEBS tent sale, thinking it would be for the curved shawl by jane sowerby. which is completely dumb of me because that shawl, and just about everything in that whole book, takes about 1000 yards. i spent a long time looking for something that only needed one hank of malabrigo lace (swallowtail was at the top of the list but i didn’t really feel like knitting that again, plus it’s not my style). eventually the other day i found this scarf. it’s perfect! very basic, but cute, and works really well with the yarn. i’ve done 7 repeats so far, and i’m hoping to finish it by the end of the week. if i can stop petting it enough to knit

next– hemlock ring
Pattern: hemlock ring blanket by jared flood
Source: brooklyn tweed
Yarn: ???

i reallllly want to make this, but i have SO much yarn and none of it is right. i packed it all yesterday– but first i photographed it and completely organized my ravelry stash (!!!)– but nothing fits the pattern. romni is having a pretty decent sale right now, but i know anything i buy here on sale will still be cheaper when we get back to NY next month, so i think i’m going to hold off. sighhhh

i’m selling some “got a light?” earrings on my etsy. check it out of you’re interested.

beach week 2k8

aside from the initial adventure (see last post), beach week 2k8 was a huge success. mike and i spent a week in oak island, NC with his extended family. a little awkward, but my handmade wardrobe seemed to be a success (i regularly received comments but was never asked “did you make that”– a good sign, i think) and we both enjoyed our relaxing week out in the sun.

that was the view from our roof, with our umbrella directly ahead. pretty, eh?

the clapotis is about 5 ft long now, unstretched– definitely wearable, but i think i’m going to keep going til i run out of yarn. i have a lot left so it’ll probably have to wrap around my neck twice, but that’s ok. i’m loving it so far and can’t wait for the fall to actually wear it.

last week, Diana commented, “how do you knit on the beach without sand getting in EVERYTHING?”… well the answer is, i don’t really. any sand will probably shake out as you work, or drown out while it’s soaked/blocked… at least that’s what i’m pulling for.

one of the best things about being back in america was the shopping. not that there’s anything other than surf shops and bbq restaurants on oak island, but we spent one day in southport, the nearest town, and one in wilmington, about an hour away. in southport, we stumbled upon a really amazing store called angelwing needle arts. normally the term “needle arts” is pretty pretentious, but in this case i can’t think of any other way to describe it. the owner said she likes to swing between crafts (sound familiar?) so the store contains everything from beautiful yarn to designer fabric to handmade buttons to rug hooking and cross stitch supplies… plus a huge book and magazine section, including old patterns and mags for $1. mm heaven.

the malabrigo worsted was only $10/hank– and so pretty! how could i resist? this photo doesn’t really do them justice– the light one (water green 83) is much greener and the dark one is blacker (VAA 51). i don’t know what i want to do with these, but they definitely go together. and i can’t stop rubbing my face in them so maybe some sort of neckwarmer or hat.

i thought i was really getting used to life in the south (i’ve lived there before so it shouldn’t be too big of an adjustment) but then i saw this and couldn’t stop cracking up

…maybe i’m not really a southerner after all.

one post before i disappear again

i have very little new knitting to post right now. except that i did get started on a pair of socks (!!) right before we left this weekend. my first pair ever, inspired by the fact that the place we’re living beginning in the fall has a very sad heating system. it’s the same building we lived in right before we left new york– actually, the same apartment. we loved it but we had a problem where the radiators are either “on” (105 degrees of dry, dry heat) or “off” (below freezing– there is no insulation). in an effort to not turn them “on” until we absolutely have to, i’m going to knit a whole bunch of house socks for DH and i.

i’m not using a pattern, but if there’s any demand i’ll write one up when they’re done

the reason i’m not knitting right now is more of a necessity for the immediate future. this weekend DH and i are leaving for a week at the beach with his entire extended family. i went to eaton centre last week in hopes of picking up a weeks worth of cute sundress-type outfits and ended up finding NOTHING. this is one of the first times in my life i’ve gone to a mall with the intent of spending a few hundred bucks and walked out with a $6 pair of shoes and no clothes. turns out here in toronto, you either buy one of six dresses available at each and every store, or you spend $400 on a basic from an independent shop, where you probably wont find anything you like anyway.

so now seemed like as good a time as any to pull the sewing machine out of storage and play around with some fabric i’ve had since i worked at a fabric store a few years ago. i also attempted to walk down queen west to buy some more but it turns supplies have the same problem as fashions here– $10 a yard for cotton prints available in five styles– no thanks!

i’ve been doing about a skirt and/or dress per day, i think i have almost enough for this week. i also don’t have a dressform so these photos are awful. i’m working on getting one– bear with me! (if you know where to get one in downtown toronto PLEASE let me know! i tried getting one in scranton, PA while we were nearby and joann’s was the only fabric store– and they only carried ONE crappy model, soo frustrating)

and this one’s not done–

they’re all really voluminous, which really doesn’t show on the hanger. to give you an idea, here’s the first one with the magic of self-timer and photoshop

cute? no? opinions would definitely be cool if you have any thoughts.

if you were wondering why i didn’t post this weekend (i know all of you were… *rollseyes*), i just wanted to give you an insight into the beautiful technological dark age that is my parent’s country house

1) computer. yep, this is it. 19.2k modem (not 14.4, not 28.8… 19.2), windows 95, and one of those printers that only fit one cartridge so you had to switch black and colour everytime you wanted to print. appropriately sprawled across the record player and collection, and a wooden speaker.

2) atari! i’m not even old enough to own one of these. as you can see, i was still teething when i inherited it, resulting in one non-working controller. so sad.

3) rotary phone! i kind of wanted to take this with me and use it for decoration. and inside the matching case is a canary blue typewriter. i forgot to get a picture. it’s not electric or anything. and i don’t think they make toner for it anymore so you have to click REALLY hard to get the letters to show up on the page.

so there you go. my life for the past week. i probably won’t get a chance to post again before we leave for the beach, so hopefully next time i post i’ll have the clap done (yay for beach knitting). happy summer, ya’ll!

creature on my head

have you ever been walking down the street in mid-winter and thought, “it’s so f’in cold i just wish a bleeding bear would strangle me while gnawing on my skull”? lucky for me, my new hat can do so on the dreary walk to the subway. and really confuse the hell out of some suits at union station.

i’ve been a big fan of andrew bell’s creatures in my head for a few years now. if you don’t know it, subscribe to the rss feed and i swear you’ll be hooked within the month. last week i was scrolling through the archives and, slightly insane knitter that i am, began seeing some of his creatures as hats. genius. the first one i wanted to tackle was “Busy Bear” from this past february. i sketched it out and knew i actually had to knit it when i showed it to DH and he nearly peed.

less than a week later, i’m squirming in anticipation of revealing this little guy to the world.

the inspiration:

the hat:

busy bear creatures in my head knit hat

busy bear creatures in my head knit hat

busy bear creatures in my head knit hat

his paws will have bits of white velcro as soon as i buy some (that involves getting out of my pajamas, doesn’t it?). the body hangs down to about my lower shoulders and is stuffed with a bit of polyfill. i was going to stitch the whole body shut but then i realized… he has a little secret pocket! just what every dying bear needs

the eyes are backstitched and chain stitched, and the nose was knit seperately and seamed on. the little tooth is crocheted.

it’s all in caron simply soft, by the way– on size 6 needles.

isn’t his butt cute??