FOs: Fall Knitting 2013

After nearly a year-long knitting hiatus, I finally picked up the needles again a few weeks ago. And I’m having a hard time stopping! Here is about two weeks’ work… a few quick small projects and one that’s been a WIP for years.


Pattern: none
Yarn: malabrigo sock in 852 persia
Needles: US Size 0 and 1
Started: Dec 24, 2009
Finished: Sep 20, 2013
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I think these socks win the award for longest duration of any project I’ve ever attempted, and it wasn’t because they were a big project or because of the difficulty. I cast them on two-at-a time, finished the toe and the reinforced heel all within the first month or so. It was the tremendously boring 1×1 ribbing on size 0 needles that took nearly 4 years to complete.


I finished them up at a cafe over a cranberry apple ginger iced tea, and decided to add the picot edging as a coastal twist. As much as I like them, I don’t forsee any small-gauge socks being attempted again in the future. Although I am using the remaining yarn for a pair of armwarmers, so we’ll see how that goes.


Pattern: none, inspired by Alexandra Tinsley’s Mix No. 24
Yarn: jil eaton minnow merino in 4720 aqua
Needles: US Size 8
Started: Aug 30, 2013
Finished: Sep 10, 2013
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I saw this on the designer’s blog, Dull Roar, but I can’t get myself to buy hat patterns. So I spent an evening swatching (and watching the Hunger Games) and about two weeks knitting, and I had this super adorable bonnet!


I used exactly two skeins, down to the very last inch (the dangling pom poms were completed by gathering all the remaining yarn ends, splitting the pile in half, and wrapping around my index and middle finger until I ran out. Thanks to the un-plied yarn, they still plumped up quite nicely.


Pattern: Zeebee by Schmeebot
Yarn: noro cash island in 01 (black, brown, blue, teal)
Needles: US Size 8
Started: Sept 13, 2013
Finished: Sep 18, 2013
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Oh, look! I knit from a pattern! Or at least… a detailed formula. I had this yarn sitting in my basket. I don’t know why I never learn that buying one skein of Noro is a bad idea. It’s not quite enough for a hat, not nearly enough for a scarf or shawl, and not suitable for anything like a toy or baby booties since it’s kind of scratchy and the fibers are rather weak.

But, I don’t learn… and so it was just sitting there staring at me. I decided to knit up a quick hat using a forgiving pattern that would show the variegation nicely.


At first, I loved how it was going. But around 6 rows til the very end, I ran out of yarn. Of course. I doubled up some Shiraito from my other Noro hat (below) and figured it was Noro so nobody would notice.


Then I got to the end seam, and by the second stitch into the graft, the yarn had torn. I spliced the ends back together but knew the same thing would keep happening, so I did a very obvious 3-needle bind off as a design element.


The seam doesn’t bother me. I actually think I might pull it out and re-do it in bright red or something. It feels super grunge and the perfect hat for running through leaves and sipping hot cider.


Pattern: none, inspired by Graham
Yarn: noro shiraito in 01 (teal, yellow, green, gray, black)
Needles: US Size 8
Started: Sept 13, 2013
Finished: Sep 18, 2013
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This one was kind of the same deal as the hat above. I saw the yarn while in Rockland, ME at Over the Rainbow, a totally adorable LYS, and I had never seen this line of Noro before so I grabbed one. Why? Why do I do this? I cast on a plain stockinette hat immediately and had almost completed it by that night. Unfortunately, I tried it on and it was enormous. So I tore it out and started again. And again, enormous. The “ruler” app on the iPhone is really making me look like an idiot right about now. I finally got my gauge and cast on a more interesting hat. It was going to be Graham but, being Noro, I wanted to start top-down for fear of running out of yarn. And somewhere in between counting stitches and incorporating the pattern, I totally skewed it into a broken seed stitch (instead of a broken rib) and just left it. It’s kind of cute, whatever.


I actually had a bit of extra so I knit a tiny bow. I also had just enough left to complete the Zeebee hat (above), counted my blessings, and called it a day.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Currently on the needles is a pair of arm warmers with the leftovers from the socks, and an oversized Lispenard for the winter. What have you been working on?

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The Great Destash of 2010!

Hi All. In the midst of all kinds of craziness, we are moving soon and lots of my precious offspring yarn has to go. Here’s a pretty detailed list– if you’re interested in particular dyelots or anything, feel free to email (vanessa [!at] Discounts for buying multiple items!

I am currently living in Manhattan– Midtown West to be more specific– and pickups/meet-ups would be my chosen method of delivery. I can meet you anywhere in the Midtown/Downtown region. If you are very far away, I can send it, but shipping costs are not included. Have at it!!

The Great Destash of 2010!

**All skeins are full, unopened, unused, with labels, unless otherwise noted. If the skein is missing a tag, I have weighed it to ensure that it is a full skein. I am very happy to wind skeins if requested. Click any picture to enlarge**


Koigu Cashmere * 100% Cashmere * $40 for both skeins (described below)

Purple Variegated (Color #C305)– 1 complete (50g) wound skein, 1 partial (27g) wound skein without tag.

This yarn is so pretty and so rare I feel terrible selling it, but I really don’t have a use for it so someone else should have the opportunity. Koigu Cashmere is exclusive to String Yarns in NY– it sells in the store for $40 each. Very rare– the store no longer has any of this color/lot so these are the last 1.5 skeins available. Plenty for a pair of women’s gloves or mittens!


Spud & Chloe Sweater Worsted * 55% Wool, 45% Cotton * $11 each, $40 for all including remnant

Teal (Color #7507)– 4 skeins, one 40g remnant

Leftover from my Darci Cardi– love the yarn, don’t know what else to do with it.


Prism Cashmere * 100% Cashmere * $100 for everything

Ebony– 7 mini skeins. Each sk is 1 oz/47 yd.

In full skeins, 7oz of this stuff would retail for $170 (full skeins are 3.5 oz and $85). Beautiful, soft, warm yarn. There is one skein in a different colorway but you would never know it from just looking at it.

Classic Elite Lavish * 100% Cashmere * $40 each, both for $70

Pink (Color #92559)– 2 skeins

Retails at $60/skein… you know you want it!


Handmaiden 2 Ply Silk Cashmere * 55% Silk, 45% Cashmere * $20

Pink/Yellow Variegated– 1 wound skein, without label.

I don’t know what happened here. I bought this yarn at a fiber festival in Toronto and fell in love– I even wound it after convincing myself that it was my next project, without having any pattern in mind. It has just been sitting on the shelf for 2 years now and somewhere along the line I lost the tag. Ouch. It is still so beautiful, though! Top photos are from when I first bought it, bottom photo is as it is now.

J Knits Superwash Me Sock * 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon * $16

Rhinebeck (Greens and Yellows)– 1 skein

I love the J Knits sock yarn but don’t have the time to knit socks right now… ::sad::


Manos Silk Blend * 70% Merino, 30% Silk * $8

Ocean Blue (Color #3054)– 1 skein


Punta Yarns Merisock Handpainted * Merino, Nylon * $17

Green/Blue/Purple (Color #HP63)– 1 skein


Ella Rae Bamboo Silk * 70% Bamboo, 30% Silk * $5 each

Marine (Color #BS-08)– 1 skein

Chino (Color #BS-02)– 1 skein


Classic Elite Inca Print * 100% Alpaca * $7

Pink/Purple Variegated (Color #4634)– 1 skein


Wendy Peter Pan DK * 100% Acrylic * $2 each, $15 for all 9 skeins of white

White (Color #300)– 6 skeins with labels, 3 without– all full 50g, same dyelot

Variegated Blue (Color #994)– 1 skein

Medium Blue Solid (Color #998)– 1 skein


Southwest Trading Company Twize * 100% Bamboo * $5 each

Pink/Red (Color: Twed)– 9 skeins with labels, 2 wound without– all full 100g, same dyelot

Brown/Black (Color: Twown)– 1 skein

Grey/Pink (Color: Twey)– 1 skein


Berroco Comfort * 100% Acrylic * $5 each

Light Gray (Color #9729)– 1 skein

Cream (Color #9701)– 1 skein

Black (Color #9734)– 1 skein

Seafoam (Color #9714)– 1 skein

**Comfort Sock** Dark Heather (Color #1713)– 1 skein


Cascade Lana Bambu * 79% Wool, 21% Bamboo * $10

Gray (Color #06)– 1 skein


Dalegarn Stork * 100% Egyptian Cotton * $3 each

Dark Navy (Color #15)– 2 skeins with prices written on labels


Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk * 80% Alpaca, 20% Silk * $4 each

Aran Weight Black (Color #25001)– 1 skein

Aran Weight Teal (Color #25023)– 1 skein

DK Weight Gray (Color #26003)– 1 skein

Skeins are characteristically slightly messy but still unused.


Steinbach Wolle Aktiv Color 100 * 75% Wool, 25% Nylon * $10

Blue (Color #06)– 1 skein


Misti Pima Cotton & Silk * 83% Cotton, 17% Silk * $9 each

Black (Color #50)– 1 skein

Terra Cotta (Color #0163)– 1 skein, wound


Anny Blatt Folie * 53% Mohair, 34% Wool, 13% Acrylic * $12 for all including remnant

Off White (Color #3001)– 3 40g skeins (1 tagless), one 16g remnant



Grignasco Top Print * 100% Alpaca * $4 each, 10 for all 3

Denim (Color #075)– 3 complete skeins (1 tagless)



Phildar Slogan * 100% Acrylic * $2 for all of ‘em

Blue (Color #85H)– 3 complete 50g skeins, one 45g skein without label


Gedifra New Age * 100% Nylon * $3 each

Black (Color #2114)– 2 complete very messy skeins

Caron Simply Soft * 100% Acrylic * $2 each

Baby Brights Ombre (Color #9801)– 1 full 4 oz skein with label, one 3 3/4 oz skein without

**Shadows** Mardi Grey (Color #007)– 1 skein



Red Heart Super Saver * 100% Acrylic * $2

Real Teal (Color #0656)– 1 skein

(Dare I say it?…)

Lion Brand Fun Fur… don’t even ask. * 100% Polyester * $2 each

Raspberry (Color #112) * 4 skeins


(And a few randoms…)


SOLD SORRY!  Off White Wool Roving. 100 g. $5

Off White Nameless Yarn on Cone. 316g (cone obviously included in weight). Looks like a laceweight to me– plain wool (kind of scratchy). $15



Sweet Sheep Sweet Super Skein in Evergreen, leftover from my Clapotis. 90g remaining, which is slightly under half the original size but still plenty for lots of projects. No tag, sorry :(. Photos are from before and after Clapotis was knit. $10


If you have any questions or would like me to reserve something for you, email me at vanessa [!at] Thanks everyone and have a fantastic New Year!