bearded toque

• Adult M to L

Skill Level
• Advanced Beginner (ability to knit in the round and do basic increases and decreases)

• Any worsted weight yarn
• US size 8 circular needle (16″), or size needed to obtain gauge
• Set of double pointed needles in the same size
• Ruler or tape measure
• Crochet hook or tapestry needle
• A few sets of metal snaps
• Sewing needle and thread

The bearded toque was inspired by (but not meant to replicate) the Bearded Cap by Vik Prjónsdóttir. This version is knit all in one piece, top down, with interchangeable mustaches, in one or two colours. I originally developed it as a commission but after a lot of interest I figured I’d self-publish the pattern PDF for anyone else interested. It is a very quickly written pattern so follow your instincts. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at vanessa [!at] Happy knitting!

Download the Bearded Toque Pattern for FREE Here!

20 thoughts on “bearded toque

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  3. hey! if someone here has a ravelry account and the pattern it would be AMAZING of you to email me the pattern. i am in love with this cap and there is NO way im paying $135-$150 for it. im trying to knit it for my big brother for his birthday and it would be helpful to have the pattern. thanks so much!

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  5. Question about the pattern… Row 1 ends w 16 sts, row 2 is knitted around, row 3 starts w 16 sts, and you do K1 KLL and repeat around. That would seem to me that every stitch would result in 2 sts, but it says you will end w/ 24, not 32, as I would expect. Is that right?

    • Hi James,
      The problem you are encountering is indeed an error. I have it listed as errata– the line should read “k2, kll around” instead of k1 and then continue from there (next line would be k3, kll, etc)

      Sorry about the inconvenience. Happy Knitting!

  6. Hi – I saw James’ comment and I am confused as to where the error is in the pattern and how it needs to be changed. Could someone please elaborate? Please and thank you!

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  8. Can someone help me please? I am to the part where you cast off for the opening and I don’t understand how to keep knitting in the round without closing that gap weirdly?

  9. im stuck on row two of the contrasting color: knit in seed stitch 2 stitches before first pm and 2 stitches after second pm.

    can someone simplify this for me, i can be a bit of an idiot sometimes

  10. Hello! I’m on my second attempt at this pattern because I think I did something wrong. lol I’m good up to the 2.5″ on circular needles. After that, here’s what I keep thinking I’m supposed to do, and I will try to not get too confusing.

    Row 1: pm, seed with 2nd color for 20, knit with original color for 58, seed for 2 (I think this because the directions say in row 2 to knit in seed 2 stitches before the pm, which technically means the final 2 stitches are still in row 1 – I hope that makes sense?)
    Row 2: seed for 22, knit for 36, seed for 2
    Row 3: ”
    Row 4: ”


    The problem is when I tired that, when I got to row 6, my ‘knit around’ somehow ended at the center back of the hat and no where near the pm’s. I had read ‘knit around’ to mean ‘knit to the stitch where I started seeding in the previous row’. I also realized that my interpretation would be a rather confusing way of writing this out so clearly I misunderstood somewhere.

    I think my confusions really starts at Row 2 with the ‘seed stitch 2 before first pm’.

    I really hope you understand what I’m saying. I’m dying to make this for my brother-in-law for Christmas!

    Thanks for any help!

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