FO: pocoyo!

i am so in love with this hat. probably my favourite FO in a long time, and it only took a little over a day (7-8 hours). the yarn was actually not as bad to work with as i expected, especially after washing and detangling. i redid the earflaps 3 or 4 times to get them just right, and then i knit a little swatch and covered a button for the top. it was all worked from the photo in the post from earlier today. the earflaps naturally sit like they are in the “back” view– which i think looks quite pocoyo-ish– but they can also be pulled straight like the “front” view.

pocoyo hat

i finished just in time–

that’s all the yarn i have left, and considering its some very vintage discontinued yarn i’m a lucky SOB that it didn’t take an extra foot. i was sort of freaked out because the label didn’t list a yardage– but it *looked* like about 100 yds so i gave it a try and i suppose it was.

i don’t think anyone here in toronto is going to get the reference, but its such a cute hat anyway its not even important!


8 thoughts on “FO: pocoyo!

  1. Hi, anyway I could comission you to make a pocoyo hat for my 3 year old son? We have been looking everywear for one.


  2. Hi !

    Are you willing to share your pattern ? My daughter would be terrific in this hat (she’s 9 months and already a Pocoyo fan…she dances when she hears the jingle).

    I don’t think anyone in Montreal will get the reference either !


  3. Would you ever consider knitting this hat for a toddler/child-size (head dimensions can be given) as a 2009 Halloween costume and selling it to someone like me? We have PayPal, if it matters.

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